Europe Airlines - A Flightgear virtual airline

Welcome to the Website of Europe airlines!


Something abbout us:

We're a virtual airline in Flightgear. We operate in Europe and make usually not too long flights in Europe. But sometimes there are also long flights to New York, Singapore, Chicago or even more far away, like Sydney!

Our main hubs are Frankfurt and Munich, because we are a German airline. Our other main cities are Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich and London.

As a member of the Oneworld-Alliance, we have some special liveries and offer much comfort in our First and Business Class; but you can relax in the Economy Class, too!

You'll recognize our flights with the EA-XXX callsign.

Explore everything abbout Europe Airlines!

If you want to see our fleet of aircraft, visit our Photos & Screenshots site.

You can see our members at the Members site!

Europe Airlines searches for new members! You're interested? Just go to the Flightgear Forums and PM EA-7203 (me)!

We are happy for every member!

Please notice: This site is still under construction and some sites can be empty. They'll be edited soon!